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American Beaver (Castor canadenis)

by Bernice Blasingame

American Beaver (Castor canadenis)
Beaver - Castor canadenis

Photo - Dr. Ray Matlack

Beaver live in Palo Duro Canyon State Park where they feed on the inner bark of willows
and cottonwood trees that grow along the river.

They spend their nights cutting down the cottonwood trees
to get to the smaller branches which they cut and drag
down into the river to construct their dams.
Their diet in spring and summer
consists of green vegetation
such as Bermuda grass and other grasses that grow along the river's bank.
Since they are nocturnal animals, motion sensor cameras are the only way
to get a glimpse of one - as shown in the photo taken by Dr. Ray Matlack.

Bernice Blasingame is a Certified Texas Master Naturalist, our PCTMN Chapter Advisor,
the 2010 TMN Chapter Advisor of the Year, and is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park Interpreter.