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Panhandle Chapter, Texas Master Naturalist Program

Links to our training sessions, field trips, etc.

Member informational Essays and Photo submissions:
"Great Crested Grasshopper"
"Fasciation - Fusion of Plants"
"Palo Duro Canyon Castor canadenis"

"Piemelon Citrullus lanatus"

Member News and Announcements
Information sent by our members or partners.

Field trip To Wildlife Monitoring Techniques 2009
Field trip To Canyon Edge Plants
Field trip To Plum Creek
Field trip To Prescribed Burning Workshop

New Member Orientation Power Point Presentation
1.3 meg file size - takes time to load, may not load on all browser types.

Hoodoo Formations of Palo Duro Canyon

WebBased Power Point Presentation

Downloadable Power Point Presentation


Dave Zaller has made a great photo presentation of the various Hoodoo formations in Palo Duro Canyon, great photos, excellent reference - this is a large 17 meg file, with 73 slides - please allow time to load in your browser. Presentation works manually, scroll through with mouse. Thanks to Dave for the miles and miles of hiking to get these great photos – many of which, can not be seen on the regular tails.

Alibates Field Trip Booklet - updated and revised October 2009.
Alibates field Trip and the booklet we built for the park rangers
it still needs some final proofing, but it is close to completion,
this is a 7.5 MB download, it will take a while to load - 51 Flowers at Alibates

2010 TMN State Meeting Presentation - download a pdf. of presentation
PDF was designed by Carl Poldrack and

presented at State Meeting by Bernice Blasingame:
Lessons Learned - Writing A Field Guide

2010 Training Class: Class PCTMN 2010